Saramique Studio has been accredited with the 'We're Good To Go' ring of confidence by Visit England.

In partnership with national tourist organisations, this is an industry standard consumer mark, giving our visitors the reassurance that Saramique Studio has implemented and adheres to key Government guidance.

At Saramique Studio we have gone to every length to implement a wide range of covid-19 measures; enabling a provision for visitors and staff, that we can be proud of and you can be confident in.


As a hospitality and visitor economy attraction, the studio offers unique and bespoke experiences to visitors; pottery painting, pottery making, workshops, courses, events, private celebrations and in-studio refreshment provision. As a business, that has meant a complex cross over of different government guidelines.


In addition to guideline compliance, every process or change has been strengthened by applying our own two key considerations:

Is this system robust enough to carry the business forward, positively, and in the long term?

•How can this change be sympathetically implemented - as an enhancement as opposed to a detriment - to the visitor experience?

Systems are in place to:

•Manage visitor numbers

•Minimise visitor contact with other households

•Adhere to current distancing guidelines, including necessary mitigations

•Reduce wait times

•Remove the need to queue

•Minimise risk of airborne transmission

•Provide remote access to activities and remote support for participants.

•Provide on-site, open-air alternative spaces

•Minimise, manage and mitigate risks of touch/cross contamination when handling equipment (customer and staff)

•Minimise, manage and mitigate risks of touch/cross contamination when using facilities (customers and staff)

•Provide facilities that allow and encourage visitors to comply with their personal obligations, under current government guidelines

•Provide clear signage for visitors to enable best use of, and compliance with, our covid related measures

•Retain positive relationships with customers, by enabling interaction between staff and visitors, in a way that mitigates risk

•Enhance cleaning

•Mitigate risk to staff/visitors during visits by third-parties (e.g. accepting stock delivery)

•Comply with personal and business obligations, under the NHS Track and Trace system.

If you would like to chat about any specific process or would like us to provide more detailed information regards any of measures and systems implemented...don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Current government guidelines on how you can protect yourself and others is available here.