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What is in my Pottery Parcel?

Your parcel includes your chosen pottery, the underglaze/paints that you have chosen, a brush set, a pallet for mixing colours (where not mixing, your paints are designed to be used directly from the tubs provided), and a sponge.

What do I need to return, with my finished pottery?

Please include your painted pottery, your brush set, sponge and pallet. You keep the underglaze paints and the tubs provided. In fact, if ordering a parcel on another occasion, you can use those same paints as the tubs seal for further use. 




Underglaze sets/paint colours

You will require a minimum of 1 paint 'set'.

Each set includes 6 x 35ml tubs of underglaze/paint.

This is enough for 4 x 'average' sized pots - more on this in questions below.

There are 3 colour set to choose from:




 Black and white colour tubs are available for separate purchase, if you wish.

Where you want a block area of 'white' as part of a design, there is no need to paint it white...leave this area blank and once over glazed and kiln-fired, it will be white in finish and appearance.

Some families have different preferences for different colour ranges. You are able to order more than one set if you wish, or just browse the colours and add your choice of extra colours to your set.


Will I have enough paint with just 1 set?

This has been tested and 6 x 35ml tubs is ample paint to cover 4 x 'average' sized pots.

In testing a 12cm ornament, 3 liberal coats used 15ml of underglaze paint

Once you have a minimum of 1 set in your order, you can choose to add more sets or individual tubs of colour from any range

Extra underglaze paint would be advisable where you may have ordered larger pots to paint.

Additionally, if you know you would like to use a block of a particular colour or substantially more of a particular colour on your pot design, it is advisable to order extra individual tubs of the colour you need.

Where possible we have added advisories to item descriptions in the online store, where we know that more than one tub of colour may be needed. 

Why is there only 1 pallet provided?

A pallet are provided for those who may wish to mix their colours.

Our Pottery Parcels are designed for you to paint directly from the tubs provided,

Our tests show that paint goes much further when NOT using a pallet.

The tubs we provide are sealable and reusable.

You may want to do a little painting one day and come back to your activity on another day. This is no problem and the tubs are perfect for this!

I have underglaze/paint left over from a previous parcel that I ordered through Saramique Studio.

Great! You can use this on another order of blank pottery to paint.

If you are confident you have enough, there is then no obligation to order a further or a full paint 'set'.

You can choose to add individual tubs of colour you like from the store.

I have paint at home...can I use this on the pottery?

The 'paint' we provide is a speciality medium known as underglaze.

Please ONLY use the underglaze provided to you by Saramique Studio, to paint your blank pottery. Any alternative may NOT compatible with our studio overglaze and/or our workshop methods/kiln-firing processes. 



Why are you asking me to choose a delivery slot first?

Our delivery capacity and available parcel equipment is linked online to the number of deliveries/collections showing as 'in stock'.

We do this to avoid taking orders that we cannot commit to, and to prevent you from getting all the way through your order before finding that a preferred delivery/collection date is already full.

What payment methods can I use?

You can checkout using any debit or credit card, or PayPal.

As PayPal is the secure payment provider, it may look initially like this is the only payment method available to you. Just click through to the next stage to see the options for other card methods.

Feedback suggests that if you have ever had PayPal installed on your device - even if you no longer use it or would prefer not to use it this time - you could find that your own device tries to default to Paypal as an only option.

In this instance you may have to order using a different device, or by deleting the PayPal app from your device.



What are your current delivery/collection days/times?

Presently, we are delivering to the Hull and East Riding delivery areas between 10am and 5pm on your selected delivery date (usually Fridays)

Collection dates vary week-on-week and are shown as an item to add to your online basket. You must select a collection time as this is how we safely manage the number of in-studio visitors at this time.

Do I need to be in when you deliver?

Yes. Even though we will be delivering to your doorstep, it is important that we know you are in and available to accept the delivery safely.

If we cannot confirm that you are at home then we cannot leave the pottery and equipment. You have options though...please see the question below "does delivery have to be to my home address?"

We will not be able to reschedule or offer refund if you are not available to accept delivery.

Do I need to be in when you collect?

Again, on collection day you must be in and available at the property.

Please do not leave a pottery parcel out until you know we are on our way or have heard us knock.

We cannot take responsibility for any damage that occurs to the pottery, prior to our collection, where left unattended.

If you/the finished parcel is not available when we attend to collect, we cannot return or reschedule. In those circumstances you would need to deliver the finished parcel to the studio (by making an appointment, once the studio is open for in-person attendance).

You do have the option to ask us to deliver to or collect from a neighbouring property - see question below "Does delivery have to be at my home address?"

We reserve the right to make a nominal charge of £5 for equipment that we have been unable to collect, as this means we have to purchase more equipment in order to accept orders for other families (payable when you pick-up your glazed/kiln-fired pottery).

Do you give a time slot for delivery/collection?

We are unable to give you a time slot, but we will aim to contact you between 10-30 minutes in advance of your drop-off or collection.

We can only do this if you have entered a telephone number at checkout.

Does delivery have to be to my home address?

No. We can deliver to any address, providing it is within the parameters of our delivery areas and has been paid for at the correct delivery area cost.

You may know you are working for example, and decide to have your pottery parcel delivered to and collected from a family member's address. 

It is usual to collect from the same property that we deliver to, but if something happens in the meantime and you find you need to leave your parcel with a neighbouring property, this is okay...just get in touch through email or social media and confirm the details at least 24 hours before your collection is due. 



You have collected my painted pottery, what happens now?

This is the exciting part for us!

Your painted pot will go through a number of processes, including drying, overglazing, kiln all takes time and our trusty friend 'Kenny the Kiln' cannot wait to transform your creation into a shiney, fully usable ceramic for your home!

How long does it take to process my pottery?

Under non-seasonal 'in studio' conditions, painted pottery would take around 7-14 days to process.

You can expect longer lead times for a number of reasons:

Importantly, there are extra vital safety measures in place to mitigate risks of cross contamination of Covid-19. This means we leave your collected parcel in an isolated area, untouched for a minimum of 72 hours before we even open it!

Additionally, workshop contact times and firings will be far less frequent.. 

It is in our best interests to process your pottery as quickly as we can...we are just as keen as you are for you to see your finished product.

We cannot offer you a specific timeline at the moment.

We estimate lead times may be 2-3 weeks and will keep the page updated if this turns out to be quicker.

You are contacted directly, using the contact details you leave at checkout, to notify you that your pottery is ready.

I need my finished pottery quicker, as I have a special occasion coming up!

Sadly we cannot guarantee priority firings or expedited services at this time.

There are too many variables beyond our control.

An example being an individual's duties under the NHS Track and Trace System. 

Pease do not order pottery parcels in the hope that your fired pot will be ready for your special occasion.

We do not want to let you or your loved ones down.

How do I collect my finished/fired pottery?

You will be able to collect in person from the Hessle studio, by appointment. An online booking system is place to enable safe management of visitor numbers. You can find this here.

9, South Lane, Hessle, HU13 0RS

Tel: 01482 641419


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