Drum roll please!

Well here it is folks...18 weeks in and we finally have a fully published website. We love social media of course, but the nature of our business and everything we offer is now far better communicated to you guys. By being able to showcase all elements of what we offer you, right here on our website, it helps those looking for all that information...no more scrolling through weeks of Facebook posts or hunting through photo galleries to find what you are looking for! It was painstaking - no doubt about that - but we are pleased with the results. It remains a work in progress and some information will be updated with more detail soon. It is fully optimised for mobile and tablet...though we must say, it looks far prettier via desktop!

We hope you enjoy your online tour of Saramique Studio...if there is anything you were looking for that you don't find the answer to here...call us or drop by the studio...we love 'real life, real time' chat too!


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