Happy 6th Birthday Clara!

This afternoon we welcomed Clara plus her 12 party guests to the studio. Filling the events room with an atmosphere that the excitement of birthdays bring.

 Unicorns were chosen by the birthday girl...not forgetting one T Rex for her young friend Adam. 12 pots...all the same prior to their arrival...all very different now! For younger ones, they concentrated really hard and carefully chose just the right colours for their little masterpiece. Clara's mum had brought a lovely spread of munchies before they set about tours of the workshop and, again...CANDYFLOSS! They never fail to do better job at it than us! A beautiful butterfly birthday cake to sing Happy Birthday to and finish the celebrations. 

We loved it and we hope that Clara and all her guests did too! 

The happiest of 6th birthdays for tomorrow from us all here at Saramique Studio