Little people with big imaginations...

Monday morning welcomed lots of pre schoolers and their grown up companions into the studio for our Tots Tiles event. This is a taster event as an introduction to pottery painting aimed at all little ones and ideal

from when they can sit unaided up to 3/4 years. To day the majority of our visitors were between 2 and 3. 

Usually our events take place in one of our upper floor rooms, keeping the studio free for day to day studio painters. However, part of the Tots Tiles experience is allowing your pre schooler the opportunity to become farmilar and comfortable with our studio setting whilst also giving the parents confidence in their little one for future visits as a family. 

Very much led by the littlies, they are each given a tile upon which to be creative with paints and mark make in a number of ways including with brushes, foam shapes, handled spong dabbers and of course...hands and finger painting too! 

We get the opportunity to interact with the children, exploring colours and textures and encouraging them to use their imaginations in whichever way works best for them. It's amazing how much fun learning can be and how much developmental opportunity there is from a little messy exploration! 

All of our young customers today did a fantastic job. It's no mean feat sitting and concentrating for long periods when you are so young but they were all superstars. 

Those who needed a leg stretch were able

to enjoy the courtyard, blowing bubbles and leaving is some chalkboard works or art while they were at it! The workshop tour was well received too...children can become quite attached to their pot and having the opportunity to  see where it will be and what happens to it can really help. 

Feedback from today has been fantastic again and we have our next great value Tots Tiles session scheduled in for Tuesday 18th at 10:30am. Click here hh for the events page for next Tuesday's Tots Tiles updates 

Keep your eyes peeled for the photos of these wonderful creations, once glazed and fired!