A pot for all seasons...

As you know, Halloween has very much landed here in the Studio. We have a strong range of Halloween themed pots and for a couple of weeks now, our visitors have been creating some real gems! We have also displayed some demo pieces, painted by our own family to show what can be done. 

We thought it was important thought too, to show our customers that actually ANY POT CAN BE A HALLOWEEN POT. 

Your everyday items such as mugs, plates, dip n chip bowls, salad/serving spoons...a little visit to Pinterest, a little imagination and you are away! We even turned our popular little lady and gentleman gnomes into witches and wizards! 

The same goes for all seasons...Christmas, Easter etc. 

So gather your family or friends, drop into the studio, get comfy and get creative! 

#happyhalloween #fuelyourimagination