Making the in-studio display for our newest addition, we discovered that these stunning pieces are actually quite mesmerising.Ā

The work that goes into creating your bespoke keepsakes - from capturing your child's prints in our studio, to the hand crafting of that print in 99.9% fine silver, to the results and presentation - is not to be underestimated.Ā

As parents we know too well how quickly time can pass; how days, weeks, months and then years slip by. Capturing that in the most lasting of ways is such a lovely idea.Ā

Whether for yourself, your partner, a grandparent...we offer charms, sibling charms, necklaces to compliment, key rings, pandora charms...all to your specifications and all of the highest quality.

When Tara visited our studio, her passion and insistence on the best service at every step of the way was exactly what we had hoped for and we are thrilled to work alongside Joy Impressions to offer our customers this service and this product.Ā

It couldn't be easier...drop into the studio or call to book an appointment...the hardest part will be the choosing!Ā