Pots & Potions...

What a weekend! Studio painters, party people and Halloween events on both Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, kept us on our toes.Pots and Potions was geared up for ages 3-10, taking place early enough in the season to make sure pots are received in time for Halloween celebrations at home. The events room was tickled up with a little freakish fun and both children and parents were great sports. 

Potion making took place with a choice of three...all with their own gruesome menu (unicorn snot, anyone? Or perhaps you prefer Trolls Toenails?!) and each resulting in different kinds of magic. Giggle potion, Jiggle potion and Invisable potion. We even had a little Frankenstein who created his very own...we are excited to hear what effects that had! 

Then came snack time...so yummy that we found a cheeky rat having a nibble on our popcorn! 

Each little Ghoul chose a hanging plaque...witch or pumpkin...and every single one turned out uniquely fabulous! Lots of imagination flying in the air, dancing to the monster mash with our Halloween playlist. 

Of course, no event here would be complete without firing up the candyfloss machine. Blue seemed the most popular this time and my goodness, what an array of shapes and sizes! Almost as crazy as the kids themselves...almost. 

Thank you to everyone who came. We had a ball and we hope you guys did too! Lots of Halloween fun left in us with more events and of course, half term coming up. 

See you there folks!