What a scream...

Tonight was our Scare-Amics event...in essence, a Pots Paints and Pashminas, slightly in disguise as Halloween! The studio was decked up with varying degrees of gruesomeness and it was a house of ladies that descended on this one. 

Nibbles, punch and a whole bunch of pots from which to choose. Those witch bowls caused a stir, just as they have done by day, super popular! Spooky tree tea lights, mummy mugs, zombie mugs and to our delight...lots of imagination turning 'normal' pots into something a little freakish for Halloween at home. 

We say it time and again, but these nights really are a blast! The people make it...fantastic company, a good old giggle, a naughty treat or two and some truely brilliant creations! 

Talking of naughty treats...our Gluten free vanilla cheesecake arrived today and boy did it go down well! Some utterly outrageous combos from our 'build your own' selection clearly offered some fuel to the evenings imagintation. 

10 of tonight's customers have booked straight on to some of our Christmas Pots Paints and Pashminas events. Get in touch if you fancy joining in some festive fun! There are 2 in November and 2 in December. All early enough to get those pots back in time for Santa's arrival. 

For now though...we remain well and truly in Halloween mode and are looking forward to next weeks half term visitors! 

Now...best go and tackle this evenings aftermath! All very much worth it 👌😊👻