Happy birthday to Jessica and Francesca! 

It was Saturday morning and the day that 2 special friends had waited very patiently for. A joint party to celebrate turning 6, Jessica and Francesca were joined by lots of friends up in the party room to get ready for painting unicorns, munching on snacks and of course CANDYFLOSS SPINNING! 

They chose a unicorn that was a first for us at Saramique Studio and boy did they do a grand job! Lots of concentrating...it's serious business getting your details as you need them! Some discussion as to the technical term for a unicorns...corn! Two beautiful birthday cakes to carry on the theme...one of which gave us a jolt (to say the least) as it's firework set into action! An array of shapes and sizes came from the floss spinning with Apple being the flavour winner of the morning. 

Each little party person carefully put their painted print on a balloon for each of the birthday girls...as they sat in the Royal chair, choosing the colours and offering some placement direction 😊 The workshop tour was much enjoyed too with lots of eager ears, interested in what we are now to do to these creations before they can be collected. 

A top job, a lovely bunch of girls and a fab time all round. 

We wish Jessica and Francesca the happiest of 6th birthdays!