Traditions don't always mean traditional...

Commisions are such a fabulous excuse to sit and paint! We don't often have the time to create examples but a significant increase in enquiries recently has jolted us to hunt down that illusive 25th hour in the day to start a demonstration collection of what we do. Guest plates are one of our more popular commisions. An alternative to the traditional guest book on the big day. 

This particular example is 33cm in diameter and is pre painted, glazed and fired. Guests use a special pen with which to sign the plate/leave messages before it has one more little bake in the kiln to seal in all those memories! This is a near replica of one of our most recent requests and it was great fun sitting with the excited couple, trawling through Pinterest and chatting about their themes etc. Makes us feel a little tempted to do it all again ourselves! You have as much input as possible with guidance from us as to what may work best, based on our experience. We love thinking outside the preverbial box, and as we also rescue and restore furniture, we love the challenge of finding alternative ideas for mounting and displaying your commisions. Using neglected wood and 'long since abandoned' furniture...breathing life back into it...and creating contemporary backdrops to print casts or nursery word plaques, for example. It's almost a full time job in itself! 

If you would like to discuss your own bespoke keepsake or gift, be it on ceramic or in earthenware, please get in touch and make an appointment to drop in and share some ideas.