1st Brough Brownies mug-fest!

A very special celebration took place over the school holidays. The 60th pack anniversary of 1st Brought Brownies. Thursday afternoon welcomed 25 excited brownies and their leaders into the events room where owl mugs and candyfloss spinning was the order of the day! It was lovely to see these youngsters setting to their task with such enthusiasm. Many of them helped with important tasks such as water filling and handing out the pots themselves. If you could capture the bustling sound of these young people and pop it in a potion, it would be sure to lend cheery spirits to even the most melancholy of times.

Luckily, there was no need for mood uplifting, either for the Brownies or the studio downstairs, which was full to bursting with families and groups of friends having a super time together.

We feel very lucky to have this beautiful old building. The refurb saw many ideas kicked around the field but having these seperate, private rooms for parties and events was one of our better ones! We are able to maintain that same relaxed atmosphere for our studio painters, whilst hosting all manner of parties upstairs...neither needing to be disturbed by the other.

The Brownies were joined later in the courtyard by some parents, who where here to see their daughters take their Brownie Guide Promise. It was back upstairs for each girl and even a few leaders, to try their hand at some candyfloss spinning...I'm sure they have been practicing before their arrival, because there were many an amazing spin that afternoon!

We are really impressed with these lovely owl mugs and will have our work cut out in the workshop to get them all sprinkled with a little magic and out to their creators.

Happy anniversary to all at 1st Brough Brownies!!