Pots & Pumpkins

Thursday during the school holidays was perhaps our busiest yet, with a packed our studio every bit of the day and a 25 strong group plus their leaders up in the events room, celebrating. However, the action didn't stop at closing time! The studio had a quick turn around to lay in wait for nine guests at our Pots and Pumpkins event...this one designed specifically for ages 11-16. 

There was a lot to fit in! Pumpkin carving, decorating ceramic pumpkin plaques with foam clay, building their own hot chocolates and spinning their own candyfloss! Phew...they did so well with every part of the fun! 

Spooky nibbles, some grotesque mocktail ingredients (unicorn spit anyone?), Halloween playlist and some great efforts on fancy dress...all of these ingredients made for a devilishly great night! 

With foam clay, the pots can be taken away the same night and so everyone's creative efforts were able to be used for any Halloween celebrations at home. 

We had a scream and are popping our thinking caps on for some Christmas events for the teens to attend...watch this space!