Party people! 

Our weekends have become crammed with party people. We love hosting all manner of celebrations and nothing screams 'fun' quite like the excited arrival of young party people, ready to celebrate a friend's birthday. 

We wanted to share a few pics from last few weekends parties and to say a massive thank you to all who have made Saramique Studio as their party destination of choice. 

From the very young to the slumber party teens...every one has been a blast and Kenny (the kiln) as seen a whole host of amazing party pots recently. 

As November draws to a close, we brace ourselves for a busy December. The parties continue to keep on coming and our weekends right through to early 2017 are bursting with celebrations...birthdays, baby showers, Christmas parties for colleagues and families. 

We are bound to be a tad biased but feedback also supports our view that pottery painting parties are a wonderful and different way to make any special occasion, one day remember, leaving every guest with keepsakes and memories last a lifetime.