Clay inprints

A few weeks ago, a lovely group of friends visited with their beautiful babies. Some ordered the stunning silver jewellery and some did prints on plates for Christmas gifts...and two did clay inprints for their own home. The babies were real treasures. Ranging from just over 5 weeks up to 5 months...the print captures for all pieces were a real pleasure (they were little pros!). 

We wanted to share with you the process of clay inprints. The clay (high quality earthenware that, once fired results in a ceramic like any other blank bisque piece that you paint in studio) is pre-prepared in the workshop, laid out to size and the hands and/or feet prints are captured by us in studio. It takes only a few minutes. They can be captured as single print, with siblings or as whole families. In terms of design, this is bespoke. You choose the shape of your plaque; the colours we use for hand painting the prints (from our extensive in studio range); the wording you would like (if any) on your plaque; whether you would like it leaving as is (to be mounted or hung at home), or whether you want us to mount it onto hand crafted, reclaimed wood (which can be left natural or hand waxed with clear/dark wax) complete with fixtures ready to hang. The printed clay is air dried for approximately 3 weeks (being carefully monitored throughout that time) then fired in our kiln, resulting in a blank ceramic of your print/s. We are then able to handpaint your plaque as chosen by you, before it goes through the glazing and final firing process - resulting in a beautiful, lasting finish. If chosen, we then create your mount and the plaque is fused onto it giving it a really unique and contemporary overall look. 

We are delighted with these two most recent inprints. They are a fantastic way to remember that particular moment in these family's lives...time, captured. 

Please get in touch if you would like to book in for your own clay inprints or pop by for a pre booking chat about all the options without any obligation.