Mother's Day

Mothering Sunday is approaching and on 26th March, there will be nationwide celebration of 'Mums'. That will mean different things to different people of course. We think it's a wonderful way of giving a 'high five', to whomever it may be that influences your life for the better. Mum, Dad, Aunt, Grandparent, family's likely that we all have differing versions of who we raise a glass to on Mothering Sunday.

At Saramique Studio we have so many options for you to choose from. Be it a hamper, a voucher, personalised jewellery, a beautiful ceramic painted by you or a visit together to spend quality time.

Give 'thanks' to that special influence in your life for being truely thoughtful and totally giving a gift that reflects both of those wonderful qualities.

For anyone painting a gift for their loved one and wanting their gift to be ready for Mother's Day, we recommend you paint by Sunday 19th. 

For anyone wanting to paint with their 'mum' on Saturday 25th or Sunday 26th, we have a lovely special treat for your nominated loved one - pre book your session and your 'mum' will receive a free slice of delicious cake! 

Call us, drop by, limitless possibilities this Mother's Day