More new pot designs are on their way!

We pride ourselves in providing you guys with a massive range of ceramics to paint, with something for everyone regardless of age or taste. We receive fantastic feedback on our shelf stock and how contemporary and fresh it remains. This is because we don't sit on our laurels but are always seeking new, fun and practical ideas for you and your home. With fresh stock arriving weekly we are constantly adding to our lines and changing designs so that there is always something for everyone....regardless of how regular you paint with us. Super excited then for the arrival of 11 BRAND NEW LINES that will be added to our shelves on Friday. Just in time for school half term. Here is a sneaky peek! Some of these are by popular sized pizza plate (our new one is 33cm!)...different yarn fan ideas. We are loving all of these - the oval plate is over 47cm long! Perfect to hold a full fresh baguette at your next BBQ! The new section plate is an interesting one too...versatile enough to paint for young ones who like their food portioned or those watching their health where you can have fun painting sections for food groups! The new egg cup plate has a built in area for toasted soldiers for dipping in! Fun, practical and once painted, one of a kind!  We will be getting some demos ready for you as soon as we can. There are new ideas here for Father's Day too! So with well over 100 lines currently available, the hardest part of your painting session here at Saramique Studio is surely in deciding what to choose! See you soon!