365 day later...

Well folks, by the end of Saturday 27th May, the door will have been officially open for to you guys for 365 days! Good grief...what a ride! 
 That very first day of opening (Saturday 28th May 2016) will always be remembered with the excitement and the nervous anxiety that was felt, all underpinned by hope (and crossed fingers...and crossed toes!) As you know, we believe there are no barriers to creativity and this has been proved time and again. It's wonderful to see families and friends spend quality time, painting their own ceramic pots (creativity they often didn't know they were capable of) and making memories that last. To have a guiding hand in that is a real pleasure. A year on and we have had countless happy times here already. Every single day we are made to smile by you guys - the party people, the painters, the coffee, tea and cheesecake lovers. The little details matter the big details matter and importantly, YOU matter. Getting to know you - whether a frequent face or just dropping by for a one off stop - has been an every day pleasure which has become one of our favourite parts of the job and we are pleased to now regard many of you as friends. We are thankful to work alongside amazing suppliers who without exception, have been fantastic to work with and have supported us with advice and amazing products. Locally roasted speciality coffee, award winning teas and soft drinks, cheesecakes and naughty treats professionally handmade by local pastry chefs. We consider these guys to be the best in their field and are super proud to receive 5 star reviews time after time with feedback from you guys such as 'the best coffee in hessle' and 'cheesecake I would sell my mother for!', haha. Of course as our year has passed so has yours and we have had the pleasure of following your stories too! Seeing first hand, how your families have grown has been a genuine pleasure. To friends who helped with all manner of jobs to get us ready on time, to family who have been understanding and unquestionably supportive of long hours away from home, to every single customer that has stepped through the door...thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It's been a blast! Here's to more of that! It remains the start of our journey as we strive to grow further, so please continue to support Saramique Studio. Please spread word that we are here...share social media posts, share your ideas, leave us your feedback, tag us into your snaps when you visit and tell people about us by good old traditional word of mouth...without you, there is no us!  

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