The big reveal!

We LOVE all creations! 

As followers will know, we post your painted pot photos as often as we are able to. When we do, we don’t pick and choose...there is no criteria as to who ‘makes it’ onto the web! We genuinely consider every single pot painted by every single customer to be uniquely fabulous.

It would be amiss if us though to not give this lady a special mention.

An idea...a picture...a pizza platter 

Kerry has worked on this creation for many months now. Starting with just a picture, the blank pizza plate and an idea. We are in awe of what she has achieved. Kerry is not an artist, has no particular regular experience of the ‘arty farty’. We are quite sure that she wasn’t aware she had it in herself! But as each session went by (with tea and cheesecake of course!) it steadily came together. 


Kerry collected her plate on Saturday and here it is...even better in person than these photos show, as it is a BIG plate to have undertaken this project on. I hope you agree that Kerry deserved this special mention!

The next installment?... It has been an absolute pleasure to see Kerry create this and also to hear that she will soon be starting another project, as she has so very much enjoyed just spending time at the studio with her sister Sam (who incidentally has also created many fantastic pieces herself, throughout Kerry’s own journey!). 

Experience matters

It is not your own previous experience of painting or any inherent artistic ability that enables you to  enjoy pottery painting or create something pretty special...what does matter is the experience you have whilst in the studio and it’s our mission to make your time here one to remember for all the right reasons!