A delicious mistaker to maker!

Cheesecake you would sell your granny for? 

It is not just us that shout loud about our amazing cheesecakes, we have had sooo much amazing feedback from those who have treat themselves to a slice! One of our most favorite reviews was from a lady who said we had ‘cheesecake I would sell my granny for!’ - We really did chuckle at that one! 


We often challenge our pastry chefs to create something new for us. We had the Toffee Apple cheesecake and one of our personal favorites, the Bucks Fizz cheesecake...they never fail to come up with the delicious goods when random ideas are thrown their way! 

A brownie blunder! 

A few weeks ago we messaged our order through, which included (we thought) a Salted Caramel cheesecake and a GF chocolate brownie. However, we received a salted caramel brownie cheesecake! Yep! Delicious cheesecake, intertwined and topped with gooey and delicious salted caramel brownie chuncks! Looking back, our message - sent in haste - had indeed asked for this concoction of delights! 

The jury was out! 

We were kicking ourselves at the blunder...right until the first customer chose to try a slice, then the second, and the third...before we knew it, this crazy creation had flown out the door, and had fast become a newly hailed top flavor! 

Your turn! 

So this has got us thinking...if you had to create a cheesecake, what would you choose?! You have until 22nd May to comment on our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter blog post to put forward your ideas! We will pick a winner and set our chefs the challenge! The winner will receive a free slice of their chosen cheesecake too! 

We cannot wait to see what turns up! #fuelyourimagination with #cheesecake