Drum roll please...

A delicious mistaker to maker 

We asked you guys to come up with new delicious suggestions for a cheesecake flavour, after our own ‘faux pas’ ended up being a taste sensation 

“Oh my!”...

You definitely didn’t pull any stops! So many mouth watering ideas came at us from all kinds of directions! We narrowed it down and also spoke to our amazing pastry chefs, and before long we had it down to two

Domestic dispute!

We were split! How to decide? We considered coin flipping, ‘eenie, meenie, minie-ing’ and even welly wanging our way to a decision...until we realised the grown up thing to do would be throw it out to a final poll! 

You have your winner! 

We had a fab response to our voting poll. It was such a fun way to solve our little dispute! We were watching with baited breath and it was neck and neck all the way, with only ever a handful of votes between them as voting number rose. Whilst we won’t disclose which one of us backed the right horse, we can announce that the winner was Emily Sproxton’s suggestion of Honeycomb Crinch! Well done Emily...you will

Be the first to indulge in this new flavour with your winning slices! 

Thank you to everyone...and a special shout out to Jessica Motion who had a strong race with her own suggestion of Raspberry Pavlova. We will also be trying this for the summer (Eton Mess anyone?) and when we do, expect a lovely discount on your own slice Jessica!