What’s in a name

Those of you who follow our social media or have visited us to pottery paint will know that we seem to have a habit of giving character to our studio buddies. Kenny The Kiln, Benny The Bisque Drier...and so on. After one of our most recent summer painted pot demos (our pineapple lantern) received lots of attention in studio, we decided to give her a name too...meet Penelope Pineapple. 

Your five a day? 

Who doesn’t like a little bit of fruit at their summer BBQ!? Certainly we have had lots of you wanting to take Penelope home to have her as guest at your garden gatherings. So we think we have found a fun and fairer way to decide which of you will be making room to take her home!

Penelope’s travels

Penelope is going to be taking a little fun staycation of her own this summer. We will post updates on what she gets up to, and all you have to do is comment and share any post which features Penelope. She has her own #penelopepineapple hashtag to make her easy to find too! 

Be in it to win it

Nearer the end of the summer break we take a random draw of all those who have commented and shared, and announce which new home Penelope will be heading off to!  She has already started her travels and several posts have managed to capture her adventures...so keep your eyes peeled and get involved in Penelope’s Summer Travels! 

#penelopepineapple #fuelyourimagination