Great results made easy!

It’s been around a year now since we introduced our speciality and artisan range to your Inspiration Station. We couldn’t be more pleased with this this fantastic collection of paints and materials that are simple to use and produce beautiful, unusual and professional results. If you have painted with us you are farmiliar with our large range of underglaze colours at your table. Over at the station though, for the over 18s we currently have 48 different paints which can be used for creating a countless number of different effects and finishes. So beautiful are these that some of you have returned time and time again, building whole dinner services or adding contrasting homeware collections for your living areas. We love this! That you guys see YOUR results and are so pleased with them, that you cannot wait to try the next one! The difficult part is deciding what to use first! To name a few we have a lovely selection of matte pastels, a collection of stoneware finishes, antique and distressed results, metallic hues, sparkle glazes, and paints that literally explode with colour! Our crystal glazes fuse to your pot as you paint...and burst when fired to produce unique arrangements of colours and patterns. You could use the same crystal glaze on the same blank pot design, a hundred times over, and you would still produce no two finished results the same! No wonder it is one of the most popular ranges our visitors have tried to date! Luckily we have our Tote Lotalty Scheme to help with those little creative addictions! In addition to the paints themselves are a great number of tools and materials that can be used to really get you challenging yourself with new ideas and skills. Our personal favourite is our range of chalks which can be overglazed and fired to protect your design to make it fully useable. For you folks, our silk screen stencils have been a real winner...using a special medium to thicken your paint you have been able to create the most intricate and delicate patterns at the stroke of a brush! As with any visit, you needn’t worry about having prior painting experience. The majority of our speciality and artisan products are very simple to use. With many, just by painting three even coats and allowing the firing process to do the rest you can produce top quality pieces that are perfect for your home or as gifts for loved ones. We have demos, we have step by step project cards for some design suggestions and we have a team that love nothing more than sharing ideas and helping you along the way! So...pottery painting is NOT just for the kids! YOU can create really wonderful pottery to be very proud of and we cannot wait to see your face when you see what you have produced!