Capture Castings & Clay

It’s nearly time!

Exciting times here as we make our final preparations, ready to throw ‘open the doors’ to Capture, Castings and Clay. Located within Saramique Studio (9, South Lane, Hessle) we cater for all your your life casting and clay impression needs. You can find the Capture Casting & Clay website here

Life casting: Together we are preserving the memory of the changing human body in a beautiful, high definition 3-D artwork; showcasing the smallest of details in your finished sculpture. Your options are limitless, with some of the most popular casts being pregnancy bumps, couple’s hands and of course, baby/child/sibling hand arrangements. Life casting is not new to us, but as Saramique Studio is well established and heading into its third year, now is the right time to promote these services through our Capture Castings and Clay brand. We look forward to capturing your families memories in limitless ways such as three generation families hand holding arrangements, facial captures and pregnancy bumps, and even the placing of rings on the fingers of newlyweds. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to capture important moments in your lifetime and as such, we are very excited to be able to now offer life casting as a full service, with an extended product range. Clay imprints: Often called clay impressions, this is just one of the commissioned services that to now has been offered at Saramique Studio - hand and footprints (and even paw prints) captured in clay, and though a labour of love, made into ceramic keepsakes for your home. The demand for this service having greatly increased, we are delighted to now offer this through our Capture, Castings and Clay brand. Transferring this service allows us the scope to develop the claywork further, offering customers a much wider range of options within the dedicated showcasing space. Capture, Castings and Clay Providing you with these services under fresh branding also allows for this part of our family business to grow independently from our expansion plans of the pottery painting service, offered by Saramique Studio. Please spread the word! Those who follow Saramique Studio already (@saramiquestudio) via any of our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) or our google page and website, will know that we like to post regularly with updates and news of our services, events and photos of your creations. Your following of those pages, your support in sharing posts and your spreading the word with family and friends has been ABSOLUTELY VITAL to our success. Thank you so much. Please do support Capture, Casting and Clay in that same way and HELP US SPREAD THE WORD by liking our main social media pages and following us @capturecastclay. Want to know more? Get in touch through any of the social media pages using the handle @ capturecastclay , email us at