Clay workshops

Coming your way!

We are excited to be bringing Clay Workshops to you, at Saramique Studio. Over the last couple of weeks we have been taking a register of interest via social media and in the studio, and we are delighted with the response! We aim to introduce adult workshops and children’s workshops, in addition to sessions that can be attended together as a family. 

What will this involve? Great question! This is something we are currently working on. Claywork is a vast subject and skill-set area, and it’s important to us that we design course content that will be fun and engaging for as many of you as possible. With that in mind, many of you have very kindly participated in our questionnaire - helping us gather information about your experiences, any popular days/times and what kind of workshop or course may be of interest to you. Compiling results has been no mean feat but we are just about there now and have been able to begin putting together our very first taster sessions. It’s been lots of fun so far, testing out potential course structure, tweaking ideas and content...but the real fun will be in delivering these courses to you and being able to introduce you to the exciting (and therapeutic...and addictive) world of Claywork! I wouldn’t know where to start! Don’t worry...we do! Initially we anticipate there being taster sessions in a variety of hand building methods such as creating pinch pots, slab work and coiling. There will be opportunity for those who get the bug, to build on those new skills and progress onto more complex design, using a wider range of equipment and ideas, at a pace you are comfortable with. I’m in! When can I start? The million dollar question! Please bear with us while we test and finalise the details of the first workshops. We publish all events on our Facebook Events Tab, and in addition to information being available in studio, we also publish marketing information for all events on our website and across all of our social media streams...follow us @saramiquestudio to keep up to date! In the meantime... Everyone will get the opportunity to book onto sessions that tickle their fancy (subject to availability). Unlike pottery painting where we are here to support you if needed, the delivery of clay workshops will be taught by us, step-by-step and so groups are smaller than with pottery painting events meaning places will be limited. However, if you would like to register your interest (with no obligation), this helps us to know in advance that you are keen, and you will be among the first to be sent that information. It’s not too late to take part in our questionnaire either...all answers go a long way to helping us gage the most popular course content and when/how best to deliver this for you! Watch this space!