Let’s spare you the ‘builder’s bum’

As we look at repurposing upper floor spaces again, we are reminded that it is nearly 4 years since we accepted keys to the building, rolled our sleeves up and started upon months of work before opening! We still look back at the 1000s of photos we captured throughout the renovations, and we are awestruck by the enormity of it all. We were still finishing major works throughout the night, before that big day in the May ‘16 (returning home only for a change of clothes before flinging the doors open!) #tothewire 😵 Aside from one of the three upper floor rooms, there was not an inch we didn’t touch, in order to transform our spaces...and as we were doing all the non-specialist work ourselves, there was likely not a family member or friend that we didn’t rope in! #somanygoodeggs 🥰 This old building has seen countless changes of use over the years before it be became Saramique Studio,  and it is likely that we were introduced to most of them, when scraping our way through inches upon inches of paint, paper, nails, floors, glue, grime, concrete and walls! #worthit 🤗 We won’t bore you with a whole show of those pics (not least because there are flashes of builder’s bum!🤣) but could not resist sharing just a little clip, showing part of lower floor studio ☺️ #memories #backintheday #therearestillsleepnessnights #fuelyourimagination #DiscoverYourPotential #saramiquestudio #hessle #hull #eastyorkshire