5,4,3,2,1...blast off!

Our long-awaited Kickstarter campaign is now launched and live!

Named ‘Discover Your POTential’, this comes after months of planning, preparing, budgeting, and more planning has got us to this exciting point...and now we leave the fate of the project in your hands!

We didn’t realise how nervous we would feel! I guess so much emotion has been invested in our plans for creating this extra facility for you this all or nothing gamble. WHAT IS KICKSTARTER? A crowdfunding platform for those in creative industries to raise funds for a specific project. There were several reasons that for us, Kickstarter was the platform of choice, but at the top of that list is the safety net provided to backers. Projects are ‘all or nothing’. If we don’t reach the project target within that set time period...that’s over! Whilst this is a huge gamble for us (wipes brow nervously) we love that investors can pledge in total confidence that their monies are returned to them, if targets are not achieved. We also like the reward structure. Backers can choose tangible products or services in return for their investment, if they wish to. AND THE PROJECT YOU SPEAK OF? Glad you asked! We have an ambitious project ahead, should this all go to plan! You can see our Kickstarter campaign and what we aim to achieve by clicking here YOUR SUPPORT IS EVERYTHING We will keep social media up to date with the campaign as it progresses. We really hope that you will feel this project a worthwhile investment, for any level of backing that you can afford. Please tell family and friends about us and our ambitious plans. Thank you so very much for getting this far with us, and for wanting to learn more. We have said it countless times over the last 4 years and it feels more appropriate then ever to say it now... without you, there is no us!