Are you coming out to clay?!

Pottery making is BACK at Saramique Studio from September!

Details, dates and options are being finalised and will be publicised to all...but if you like the look of any of the following options and want to be the first to know about it, then get your name on the list! Handbuilding:

Workshops - seasonal projects

Introduction to clay skills

4/6 week courses

Kids courses and workshops

Potter’s wheel:

One-to-one tasters

Two-to-one tasters

One-to-one courses

Register your interest:

  • By private social media’s message @saramiquestudio

  • By email to

  • Through the website contact for at

Please leave your name and an email address, letting us know which of the following you are interested in receiving details about (without obligation)

Not only that but Percy the Potters Wheel is here and we have set up a common-interest Facebook group in his honour... ‘Discover Your POTential with Percy’.

As this Facebook group grows, we hope it provides an online support forum for anyone taking part in a workshop/course (whether at home or in studio), and be a common-interest community forum for anyone that just has a general love of all things clay!

To say we are excited is an understatement...let’s get dirty!