Goverment announcement on social gatherings

Stop press!

Just a little update based on yesterday’s Government announcement with regards the rules on social gatherings, specifically, how this may effect your booking at Saramique Studio.

What is the position so far?

At present (and up to 13th September) we understand that where meeting outdoors (such as painting in the courtyard) the rules allow up to 30 people from two households, or six from multiple households. Indoors visits are restricted to a maximum of 2 households. Social distancing is applicable between the separate households/support bubbles within that gathering.

We have loved being able to accommodate many of you within those restrictions over the summer. Sadly, where we are aware in advance that a booking is outside the regulations, it has been with a heavy heart that we have had to turn away some of you. This truly is as difficult for us as it is frustrating for you (particularly when some rules against others may feel a little topsy turvy). Even taking away the fact that it’s against our natural instincts to not go the extra mile to accommodate anyone’s requests where we can, let’s not forget that we are also at a crucial point in the sustainability of Saramique Studio.

It may therefore seem totally bonkers that we would turn away ANY custom....but it’s not just about us and never has been. We cannot lay heads to pillows at night knowing we have risked you, other visitors, our own family and also our ability to move forward with any integrity.

Isn’t it just a tick box exercise?

No...not here. We have gone to every length to offer you COVID confidence...we want you to use us! We want you to feel confident to visit. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. We have received accreditation from organisations such as the Visit England partnership too...because measures aren’t just a tick box exercise to cover our backs. YOU matter to us.

The nights are drawing in, as granny used to say...

As the cooler months approach we are aware you may feel an enhanced level of anxiety about transmission increase and using indoor venues. Our integrity is crucial to our ability to remain open...please know that we won’t risk you or our reputation just because we feel genuinely sad about disappointing people.

Also, our home painting option is here to stay. For those who really would like to have a go but still feel can order online to paint at home. Everything you need, including remote support, provided for a week.

Yeah, yeah, we get what about from 14th of September?

From what we understand so far (we will edit this if anything here changes once full guidelines are published), there is a new limit of six people that will apply to social gatherings from Monday, whether indoors or out and applies to all ages.

However, if your individual household or support bubble is larger than six then the good news is that we can still accommodate you, indoors or out.

We have popped a link here to official channels so that you can source the info for yourself too, as and when it is updated...but wanted to reach out straight away, as to how this effects your visits to Saramique Studio.

Phew! Thanks for getting through that read! That’s all for now folks...we cannot wait to see you!