Next year relies on today

We are several weeks into re-opening now and it has been truely lovely to be back in the studio, welcoming visitors, and playing our part in creating memorable experiences for our pottery painters and makers!

It is evident that there remains a significant number of people who are choosing not return just now, and it brings to mind a chat that was had with one of our painters a few weekends ago.

As a businesswoman herself, she has experienced the anguish and the turbulence that many small businesses have faced and still face at this time. She said something really poignant when mentioning her own discussions with friends and customers. There remains many people, she explained, that are saying they’ll hold off on heading back to their favourite places, until next year.

THEN came the statement that really hit a nerve...she pointed out that ‘there might not be a next year’.

She is right. Next year you will still be able to enjoy a day out, a meal, or a leisure activity with friends and family. It is a really sad reality however that you might not be heading back to those places you had come to know and love.

New business will replace current ones, and that of course happens in all climates. There are many independent, family businesses in Hull and the East Riding who prior to Covid-19, were going from strength to strength; who prior to Covid-19 were providing the best products, services and experiences to their local communities and beyond.

These are businesses who went to every effort and expense when making significant changes to enable their doors to re-open.

These are businesses who anguished over how to go above and beyond when mitigating risk for their customers and their staff.

These are businesses who are holding on as tight as they possibly can whilst adjusting to the worst time in our recent economic history.

But sadly, these are the businesses for which there might not be a ‘next year’.

Please support your local businesses, where you can.

To be here for you next year, Saramique Studio need feet over the door today.

Please book your next visit and please do encourage everyone you know, to give pottery painting or pottery making at Saramique Studio a try.

Without YOU there is no US.