No Fire Clay Kits by Saramique Studio

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Exiting news! We have launched a brand new experience that we hope will entice more people to get their hands dirty, and discover their POTential! No Fire Clay Kits by Saramique Studio are here!

HOW IS THIS IS DIFFERENT TO FIRED POTTERY WORKSHOPS? Our ‘No Fire’ Pottery Kit contains everything you'll need to hand build your own pottery from start to finish WITHOUT the need to return your equipment or creation, to the studio for firing processes.

What’s in a kit?

kits vary according to project but may include:

  • Premium No Fire Clay

  • Potters sculpting and carving tool with a handy muslin ‘keep bag’ to store them

  • Step-By-Step Guide for the basic method used for yoir chosen project

  • Video link to project tutorial

  • Premium Acrylic Stain/Paint needed for your project

  • Varnish

  • Embellishments/Additional mediums (such as glitter/snow/metallic stains)

  • 2 Paintbrushes

  • Sponge

  • Slab Rollers

  • Rolling Guides

  • Slab Canvass

Each kit has full product description explaining what’s included for you to complete the can browse current kits and order here

So...air drying clay?

Essentially, yes! The clay we provided has been tested by the studio...we have sampled many (and then some more!) and we believe this is the best. An industry premium ‘air dry’ format that is easy to work with, smooth (perfect for painting on after drying) and versatile enough for creating larger products as well as for those fine and detailed pottery pieces.

Who is this for?

ANYONE! Literally!

Clay is a wonderful hobby and this kit is designed for anyone...whether you have had your hands dirty before or not!

A very versatile activity that can help relax you if working individually or can be a super sociable experience if enjoying with family and friends. Even during Covid-19 restrictions, this can be enjoyed with different households via video call!

I prefer to do my own thing!

EVERY project, even where guided via video tutorial, has the opportunity to add YOUR own flair.

However we will also be launching kits that have even more flexibility by showing you key methods that you can then take forward to create from your own imagination! It’s limitless!

Keep watching! We have released the first few projects, and there are many more to come, subject to demand.

This is a gift for a friend

Excellent! This is a wonderful gift for any loved one at any occasion. Remember the beauty of gifting these to loved ones is that they don’t need to return anything for workshop processes. It’s all inclusive and from start to finish, is enjoyed completely from the comfort of home.

There are even options for posting directly to your loved one...and if you want a completely hassle free purchase, why not also choose our festive gift packaging?!

Will I need any of my own equipment?

Everything is provided for you! We recommend you work on a smooth flat surface, such as a kitchen table.

Wear clothes that you are comfy in and don’t mind getting clay on (some of us are messier workers than’s part of the fun when playing with clay!)

Want to try a different project? No problem! We will be adding more to our online store, including non-seasonal ‘No Fire Pottery Kits’ so that you can find something to suit you, regardless of your pottery personality!

Talk to us! We love your feedback and want to know your ideas! Ranges such as these are born from customer demand and it’s with your guidance that we can keep our provision both specialist and tailored to what’s on trend. Get in touch!

Happy pottering!

Saramique Studio