Pottery At Home by Saramique Studio

Hey! It’s been a while since your last shout out! It sure feels that way! We have been tweeking and changing and overhauling many website features and are now finally able to start blogging again!

In the meantime we have kept in touch through our social media pages. You can follow what’s been happening through Facebook here.

So, what’s been happening?

Great question! The world feels likes a very different place since our last blogspot!

No doubt you will know that the studio is currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Back in mid March, as the situation began to take hold more seriously in the UK, we took the decision to close the studio (prior to the Government announcement) and give our business structure a total overhaul by switching to an online provision.

We launched Pottery At Home by Saramique Studio which enables you to order pottery online for painting in the comfort of your own home. We call these Pottery Parcels.

The service was really welcomed by the community...but then came the Government announcement with those tighter restrictions. We decided at that point to cease all provisions...be it collecting, delivering, and workshop activities. With a large brood of our own we knew it was our responsibility to #stayathome and do our part in protecting those vital services that have kept this country going through all the turbulence and uncertainty.

We have very likely travelled on the same roller coaster of emotions that everyone has experienced over these last 3 months; sometimes, taking stock and enjoying the ride...often, wanting the ride to stop so that we can get off and feel some solid ground under our feet.

Has the ride now stopped? No, it’s not over yet. Saramique Studio, like all pottery painting and clay work studios, operates in the hospitality sector. This means we are as yet not able to open those doors for ‘business as usual’. It is very likely that like many businesses, we will be spending some time yet making more tough decisions and finding our feet on new ground as we try to move forward with a new kind of ‘usual’.

But there is good news, right?! Absolutely! From Saturday 13th June we were able to reactivate the online store, which allows you to start ordering those paint-at-home pottery parcels again! This is a wonderful moment for us. For the time being this is purely a home-delivery service (as opposed to pop in and pick up). There are lots of reasons for that (which make for bedtime reading) but for those of you who would like a sneak peak behind the scenes at some of the safety measures happening at this side of the screen, there is a seperate blog on the way.

So...Pottery At Home By Saramique Studio

Yes! Let’s focus...

On the website you will find we have scaled everything down. You can now only see the information relevant to the ordering of Pottery Parcels, to keep things easier to navigate. You will also find the online store which we hope makes things as easy as possible to browse our current stock and order for your family.

We are covering areas in and around Hull and East Yorkshire and areas in and around North/North East Lincolnshire. The service was really well received and the feedback positive for those deliveries that took place before full closure. We are delighted then to see orders coming through already for those first delivery slots this Friday!

Okay you got me...where do I find out more?

You can find some general information about the service on this website, on the POTTERY PARCELS page. There is also a whole bunch of answers to common questions about the new service on the PARCELS FAQ page. You will always find the very latest studio information and updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

We cannot wait to see you...thank so much for supporting this next stage