We’re Good To Go

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Whether you are looking for a family day out or are preferring to enjoy at-home experiences just now...we have got you covered!

Are you opening??

Yes we are! We are opening from Wednesday 29th July and you are able to go ahead now and use our online table booking tool, to get your session sorted!

In the meantime we are working our little socks off to get the refurbishment finished and have all of our new changes in place for you.

What services are available to me on this initial reopening phase? The lower floor studio is available from 29th July for pottery painting visitors. All table bookings must be made in advance, using our online booking system. Upper floor activities such as parties, private events and pottery making workshops are not available at this time, in line with Government guidelines and due to further measures that we want to have in place, before we are able to re-introduce those core business activities with ’covid-confidence’.

Can I drop by for a coffee? All refreshment facilities such as hot/cold drinks are ONLY available to pre-booked pottery painting visitors.

We have loved welcoming non painting customers - many of which we have come to regard as friends - into the studio for coffees and cakes over the last 4 years, and we are super grateful to you for your support.

Sit-in and take-out refreshments are NOT available. Tables in the studio are ONLY available for pre-booked activities and refreshments ARE available to those guests.

Our core business has always been pottery painting (and making!). To continue providing those specialist activities to our community - and to comply with current guidelines - we have had to make tricky decisions.

We know for example that some of you enjoyed staying for a drink or taking away a coffee, when you collected your fired pottery. However, to comply with guidelines by preventing the need to queue and limiting contact with others, all collections are ‘contactless’. This means your pottery is available at a collection point, for your pre-booked time, and you can just quickly and confidently drop in and out to pick up your pottery.

I’m not ready to visit, but I do want to paint!

We understand. This is why we are retaining our paint at home services. You can still order online as you do now. There is now no minimum pot order for your paint-at-home parcel and now that we are opening, packages are for in-person collection only. Build your package online, select your collection date and pay...then that’s you all set to go! You keep your package for a whole week, before returning it to us for glazing and firing.

Why not take your package on holiday?! This is a popular option right now with packages having headed off to Centerparcs, Cornwall and France! Packs are available where possible for a longer period to accommodate this, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Your support it critical to our ability to keep Saramique Studio open.

Over the last 4 years we have coined the phrase 'without you, there is no us' and right now, that statement has never been more valid. If you follow us on social media you will understand that every decision to date has been made with our visitor's well-being and experience, as our priority over 'a quick buck'.

Opening the doors is a huge relief...we made it this far! But we are not too proud to admit that this is actually the most critical time for us; that our ability to keep those doors open very much relies on you guys stepping through them. This is why we have taken the extra time to make certain that every aspect of the 'new normal' is one that we can be proud of and you can be confident in.

We’re Good To Go - Visit England accreditation

We are delighted to be part of this ‘ring of confidence’ industry mark scheme, having received our ‘We’re Good To Go’ assessment.

Every change has been fully considered from a visitor-experience perspective so that you can be 'Covid confident' during your stay; being reassured that the level of service and our relationship with our customers, remains exactly as you have come to expect...at its best.

Not all changes will suit everyone and we are sorry for that. However, we still face restrictions that are detrimental to our success, such as reduced visitor and table capacity and a pause on core services such as hosting celebrations and workshops.

As with many other businesses, we have had to introduce physical and operational changes that allow us to adhere to current guidelines whilst at the same time giving the future survival of Saramique Studio, our very best shot

Thank you!!

A heartfelt thank you from us for your ongoing support, your understanding and your cooperation at this time.

We cannot wait to see you!!!