Why is Saramique Studio not fully open on 4th July?

You may have already seen our previous blog spot ‘Anti Folly Fashionistas and Do You Really Though?’ But we would like to be clear on why we aren’t opening on the ‘green light’ date of July 4th.

There are many changes taking place, both physical and operational. Some you may notice during your next visit. Others you will not see front of house. Whilst many changes are made in line with government and industry advice, others are made in consideration of staff circumstances and workshop operations.

Importantly, with regard to ‘guidance’ and the goverment suggested ‘considerations’; we choose not to implement the bare minimums, for the sake of the short term. The buzz term seems to be ’new normal’ and we are mindful that changes may not be temporary measures.

This is a hybrid, quite unique business in terms of the variety of services and considerations we are making. We must proceed cautiously and carefully if we are to give long term sustainability, our best shot. When opening happens, it will be done in transitional stages.

Additionally, by taking things safe and steady, we aim to be in a strong position to proactively and effectively, tinker and adapt, as and when we learn the impact of each change, in real terms.

Put simply, we are very much in the business of customer experience, with every service and activity we provide to you. Your experience matters to us.