This table finder is for pottery painting visitors.

For clay workshops please get in touch directly.

Please take time to read the important information prior to making your booking


In-studio pottery painting is BY PRE-BOO​KING only at this time

SAME DAY visits cannot be booked online. Please EMAIL/MESSAGE/CALL the studio and speak directly to staff. 

Please note, the studio may be closed at times when no pre-bookings are in place.


Legally, we can ONLY ACCEPT BOOKING OF 6 GUESTS or less (including painters, non-painters, babies and children) The exception being where ONE household exceeds that number.

ADDITIONALLY, those on your booking who do not live together must be socially distanced.

To comply with the regulations we need your honesty when booking.

Where any booking consists of more than one household you are asked to notify us in any notes section on your booking form. 

For any booking that consists of more than one household, your booking is not considered confirmed until we have been in touch to let you know if we have space to suit your distancing needs. We will do everything we can to help. 

Under current restriction and reduced capacity, we require AT LEAST HALF of the visitors on your booking must be painting visitors. In any event, there is currently a minimum of two painters per booking in place at this time


​​e.g. table for 2 = min of 2 painters

  • Table for 3/4 = min of 2 painters

  • Table for 6 = min of 3 painters 

Please let us know on your booking form IF YOU ARE BRINGING A PRAM that needs to be positioned by your table. Not all tables are suitable. Where we know in advance, we can adjust your booking to seat you appropriately without the need to contact you. In the event that there is no suitable table remaining, we will be in touch directly to to find a suitable solution for your booking.

If you need use of a highchair, please notify us on your booking form.

There is now no separate 'non-painter' seating within the studio.

ALL VISITORS must be counted on your booking and be SEATED at your table,

INCLUDING babies or children who require a high chair.

Children under the age of 14 cannot be left to paint without seated adult supervision.

Your booking is for a MAXIMUM of 2 HOURS.

Please ARRIVE PROMPTLY AT YOUR START TIME, as these are staggered for specific tables - in line with guidelines - to prevent queuing and reduce contact with others. 

Should you arrive early/late, you may be required to WAIT OUTSIDE.

Should you arrive late, we cannot adjust the end time of your booking.


A a hospitality venue we are now legally obliged to refuse entry to any booking, where at least one person within that booking will not:

Use the QR code provided in studio, or

Allow alternative recording of their details 

Where any customer has been unable to use the NHS Test and Trace app (with our in-studio QR code), we will use the details provided on this booking form as an alternative.